Friday, January 23, 2004

Recycle that ol' computer

There are tons of old computers sitting in cupboards and basements around the world... and tons of non-profits desparately needing technology. More often than not, those old computers are perfectly good, they just aren't the latest and greatest.

Today TechSoup has posted some great resources in response to the new-age-old question of, "What do I do with my old computer?". Good stuff.

Webinar on doing online surveys on Feb. 4

Interesting webinar in a couple weeks, on Feb. 4th. The host organization is Training Magazine. The session is part of its Excellence in Practice series, and the title is Conducting Effective Employee Surveys. Here's the info sign up details.

I do quite a bit of work on online surveys, so I am always interested in learning more. I've also written a bit on this, here's an article I did, it's got a few interesting resources in it.

Maybe I'll see you there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Great online conference on e-learning starts tomorrow

The Collaborative Learning 2004 online conference - Putting the Energy into E-learning! - starts tomorrow and goes for the balance of the week. I'll be participating (wouldn't miss it!). This will be a great event, I can't recommend it enough. IYou can read my review of a past iCohere conference here. This time, I'll actually be hosting a live chat on Wednesday evening, January 14th, at 7pm Pacific.

Back to my blog

More than a month since my last entry? Didn't think I'd be "that kind" of blogger! But, here I am... I have read about the style of blogging that many people have of lots for awhile, then get quiet... guess I understand that now. Doesn't change my interest in, and commitment to blogging. What I do find interesting is that I am beginning to see a co-relation between my blogging and where my head is at work-wise, and online-wise. I do cycle through things a lot, so it makes sense that I may cyclical in my blogging.