Thursday, April 30, 2009


One great meeting outside at a picnic table today
One day of work to go
One happy camper
One tired girl
One great world out there for me to explore
One life to live

One cute cat
One banana peel

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just bailed on a taxi

just bailed on a taxi, my gut: driver'd been drinking, got out at a McDonalds, then got a new cab, called it in, dispatch didn't give a damn

2 days .... and 60 days til liftoff!

Moo, moo! Two days to go! On my mind....
  • must I always have all out marathons down to the wire in my life? (another 12 hour day today, and my list still looks suspciously long
  • found someone today who has 9000 books, what better person to come take mine away?
  • tonight I bailed on a taxi, my gut: driver'd been drinking, got out at a McDonalds, then got a new cab, called it in, dispatch didn't give a damn
  • I guess a strawberry sundae for dinner isn't real nutrition, is it? at least I am keeping the cows in business
  • wow, I am down to the 60 day countdown to Europe, I can't believe I cooked up the whole trip thing in about 10 days a couple months ago, and here I am...
  • Nice lunch today with a colleague/friend - she took me out for a "Despedida lunch" which is a Spanish goodbye before a long trip... nice sitting outside at a Cactus Club despite being right by a highway, the fountains balance it out
  • I really need to see Vicky Christie Barcelona - sounds like a weekend thing
  • Oh, my whole life will be a weekend soon...
  • 2 people today suggested I become a tatoo artist.... my mouth gaped... wow... never occured to me... I could doodle on bodies!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 days of work left & 61 days to Europe

Amazing to be at this point, only 3 days left at work. Had to work on Saturday, and a 14 hour day yesterday, but once I have today under my belt, I'll be sailing....

Random reflections:
  • Soon I will be officially counting down to Europe - 61 days to go
  • Wonder what the swine flu reality will be by then
  • 2 months ago Europe was just a vague idea
  • Cute story on the news about a cat with a litter in an animal shelter adopting a baby squirrel, very cute
  • My place looks, well, chaotic - have given away my sofa and some bookcases, there are books everywhere
  • My client for my ongoing contract work is allowing me to put their work on hold until I get a 4 day weekend in - yeah!
  • I am having fun giving away art at work
  • I am happy it is sunny out

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Perugina chocolate school with the maestros

I can't cook, but wouldn't it be wonderful if I could make chocolate? Not serious classes, but sheer delightful fun learning about chocolate with Italian maestros in short classes. Great article about the chocolate school here -- or visit the Perugina website and drool.

I can count the days left on one hand....

Wow, only 4 days work left....

Random reflections:
  • felt great to clean out my cube
  • loved putting gifts on people's desks
  • I have already written my farewell email
  • I'm energized
  • My last day is 3 days before my 5 year anniversary
  • I feel great, but I suspect I will cry - and I am ok with that
  • I am really enjoying sharing my art

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reflections on 6 days left

Time is ticking away..... some random reflections on being down to 6 days left at work..

I am having some of the most interesting conversations with people since I worked there. Some are because I am asking to meet to learn about their travel tips, often people I don't know well, and I am learning a lot about their lives. Some are just spontaneous openness inspired by my trip, I am struck by how much people are noticing the courage such a move is taking. I'm used to it now, but it's very cool to be inspiring people. It's funny, I feel like I am making new friends by opening up more. If I have any regrets, it's that I didn't take time to get to know more people better over the years.

Other random thoughts...

  • My list doesn't seem to be getting shorter, though it's no longer getting longer.
  • I am so running out of steam
  • I am ready to go
  • But I am sad to leave too, or, better said, a bit nostalgic
  • I sometimes think, gee, I'm glad I won't be there to sort that out later! (a bit of a guilty pleasure)
  • I am becoming aware of just how much is hidden away in my brain, that no one else knows - yet
  • I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ony 9 work days left!

Can hardly believe I only have 9 business days left at work. Oh my, so much to do!! But it feels right, so I'm cool. I'm glad I have had this extra time, has allowed me to process what this job and the people I've met mean to me, and why this is the right time to move on. They even have a farewell drinks thing planned for me last day, that's cool....

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Click here for picture source
  • how did i go 2 weeks without updating this? oh, yeah, messed up internet connections suck..
  • delighted with my teensy new laptop - 13" and only 4lbs
  • watching the last period of the Canucks 1st playoff game... I wonder if I should go to a game?
  • Interesting that I ran into Fin downtown this morning.... gave a friend at work the towel he gave me, she is going to give it to her little girl, who is going to be thrilled - especially because Fin actually touched it!
  • 11 more business days of work left
  • 73 days until I leave for Europe
  • there are a lot of details one has to take care of to go away for a year... lately I am adding to the list, but only striking a few things off
  • I am having a blast talking with people who have lived in the cities I will be visting, or have done extensive travel - getting great tips
  • 8 hour sleep tonight would do me wonders
  • Nov and Dec are Greece - must post pics of my places soon
  • Cool that I discovered that U2 is playing in Barcelona when I'm there
  • Concerts in Europe are expensive!