Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday Morning in Athens

Had the most incredible meal with my sis last night. Lamb souvlaki (yeah!) that was soooo flavourful. Served with incredible vegetables (peppers, tomatos, onions) - all with slightly burnt edges where they got a little too close to the flame as the skewers were being turned. It's hard to describe why that taste is so wonderful, but think of grilling on an open fire (camping?) and that touch of smokiness....
Another view of our restaurant, and some of the other nearby eating places, just steps from our door. We have a big job to do, just testing out all these places!
Just an interesting perspective on my perspective here... As we were tucked in for a bit, we often had the news on (in Greek, of course!), one of the other of us at the laptop (here I am doing some contract work), looking out over the rooftops. If I tilted my camera up, then you could see the Acropolis .... In the background here you will see we have evil eye protection!
Athens nightlife...
Oh, that's not me out at some hot nightclub, it's me taking a picture of my reflection in the kitchen window, with ancient ruins lit up in the background. Though there might have been some imbibing involved.
The rioting is continuing here, but we have a much better handle on where it is and is not happening, and which way to walk from our place to be heading in the opposite direction. Got some good tips last night from a young Greek woman out walking her dog with her boyfriend.
My sis and I are having an awesome time hanging out together, so that's the best part of all...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves amongst the drama. The food sounds amazing! Have fun!

Fida said...

Gosh, I envy you ;-) Those are great atmospheric photos!
Cheers, Fida