Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sidney moments

Just a few pics and reflections and random moments from life here in Sidney.
This is what happens to a Red Bull can if you put it back into the fridge half-full with clear plastic wrap over the top. Thought it was so cool. My sis took this and the next pic.
Me as Red Bull Misty Done Girl in the backyard in the days before the plumbing saga began. Ah, the quiet before the storm....
Backyard moon.
Two birds. One economic action plan project here. Your tax dollars at work. Mine too.
This is what they are up to: an upgrade to Lochside Drive. It's one of my fav spots, where one can just park the car and sit and watch the water. Or get out and walk. It is rough and unfinished dirt now for the parking, and a sidewalk. They are apparently paving the parking, and putting in a new retaining wall, upgrading the walkway. It is good, I suppose, but it's rather a bother that it's not so enjoyable while they work on it.
A recent outside breakfast at my fav breakfast spot, Beacon and Eggs.
One of the local residents.
The local movie house, Star Cinema. I haven't been to a movie there yet myself, but it's apparently a great little theatre. Looking forward to going there in the fall.
This gives you a sense of the pace around here. My sister calls it a sleepy little town. I think that describes it well.
LOVED this sign, found on a telephone pole on a walk into town. I think it says a lot about the community here.
A few other random reflections:
  • Fall here is beautiful... when the sun shines
  • It can cool off quickly here, our house is just steps from the ocean - there is a nice ocean breeze
  • When it rains here, it sure can RAIN!!! We are thinking it would be a good idea to get the roof on the sunroom fixed before winter....
  • Our mailman wears one red sock and one blue sock

I don't have much more brilliance today. It is time to doodle....

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Anonymous said...

~ Oooooh, you published my photo of the sexy lattice leg !!!!! Maybe i should design lattice leggings!
Glad you're enjoying dat sleepy lil town zzzz
~ 'sissy'