Friday, December 03, 2010

Future Travels: Art Institute of Chicago

That's Chicago in the background of this Picasso sculpture. This is Picasso's immense Nude Under a Pine Tree. I didn't know about this work and really want to see it! And that was before I discovered that he painted it exactly 7 days before I was born: cool.
Both will require me to make it to Chicago.

It was completly by fluke that I came across this blog post on Midwest Rock Lobster on a guy's visit to the Art Institute of Chicago. I have had Chicago on my must-do cities list, but wowee, this convinced me. I am going to start seriously planning towards a trip one day. Anyways, the blog post is excellent, as he really gives you a tour of the works to wet your whistle.
And that it did. Their online catalog lists 344 Picasso works, yum! A quick browse and I know I'd like to see these: Cannes, Games and Reading, Man and Flute Player, Minotaur and Wounded Horse, Painter and Model, and a cool collection of 5 plates - all of which aren't currently on display. Thanks goodness for the internet, as I can still see them! Hmmmm... would be worth watching for an exhibit of Picasso works from the archives.... Also liked this curious sclupture entitled Figure. Truth be told, too many works to even look at online, lol.... was Picasso ever prolific!
Beside a decent collection of Picassos, there are Dalis, Miros, Kandinskys and more....


Chixulub said...

The Art Institute, all by itself, would warrant a trip to Chicago. The Modern Wing alone, really.

Karen said...

It's been years since I've been to the Art Institute - used to go with my Grandma, who lived a short bus-ride away from downtown - but it's an amazing place. The Field Museum of Natural Science was always a favorite of mine too. There are a ton of great things to see and do in Chicago - you'd love it, Roberta!

- Karen V

lilacpop said...

If you end up visiting Chicago make sure you stop by Detroit on the way and the DIA and surrounding galleries. Diego Rivera's murals are breathtaking! They recently remodeled the museum and completely rebelled against the normal museum layout (and received some criticism from stuffy art types). It really is a treasure and Detroit is in the middle of a unique art/culture renaissance of sorts too.
Janna bissett
Detroit artist