Wednesday, February 04, 2015

10 lives

So sad to say goodbye to my sweet kitty Maui yesterday.

He'd already used up 9 lives when he got so sick in December, and somehow rallied to support us through mom's passing. Maui has taught me so many things. He was very clever: he curled up on my lap and melted my heart. Heart open, it hurts so much to lose him. 
RIP Maui :(

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Jackie de Burca said...

Hi Roberta,
We just met over on Twitter today, so I came here to take a look. You gave me some lovely support & feedback for the Peniscola & Benicassim posts over at A Luxury Travel Blog.

I would like to tell you how I am so sorry for your losses, of your lovely cat Maui and of course your Mum.

We are devoted to our 4 cats and 4 dogs, but did lose 2 cats very late last year, so I can really resonate with your heart wide open comment.

Very warm wishes to you