Saturday, July 04, 2009

Barcelona girl settles into new spot

Yesterday I moved to my home for the next 4 weeks (more details here), and I'm delighted. My host, Mabel, greeted me with a hug, cold water and ice cold beer. Mickey the cat is a little quiet but I hear he's a talker so I'm sure we'll get more acquainted soon.... The terrace is wonderful, altho HOT during the day. Really enjoyed it last evening, but today will try to find some kind of battery operated light that will allow me to sit out there and read at night. Also started my day there, listening to the quiet as the neighborhood woke up. For awhile it was just me and the starlings, then things came to life. Spanish ladies on their balconies talking across the street to each other, much hanging and taking down of laundry, day to day stuff.
My first few days in Las Ramblas were perfect, very vacation-like, relaxing, existing on a diet of beer, ham and cheese sandwiches and gelato. Now, probably settling into more of the life of a local, although sightseeing for sure. But the routines of picking up groceries and lugging them up to the flat, waking in my "own" bed, just hanging out, it's nice. Though hot and I found it hard to fall asleep last night. My little room is on the top floor and the shiny new fan tries hard, but it's nothing like my first few days of AC bliss. I suppose I shall get used to it.
I just finished reading, "A Year by the Sea" by Joan Anderson, given to me by a close friend, quite enjoyed it. What bliss, to have the time and mental space to read again. Only challenge at the moment is that I need another English book! Shall be seeking that out today.
I seemed to have more brilliant revelations when I awoke today, but, alas, they are gone right now. Must be the heat. More soon....

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