Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I bought shoes!

No, I have not lost my senses.... these are not my shoes!
These were worn by a fashionista in a sidewalk cafe and I couldn't resist taking a pic. Aren't they the most ridiculous things ever? A high heeled sneaker is an oxymoron, isn't it? But for a fashionista, maybe that's the point. Anyways, they were funny and she looked very happy. That black thing in the background, of course, is the dog leash for her little fluggy dog. It completes the look I think! (btw, not unusual for people to have their dogs on the patios while they eat here, a few instances of dog fights and crazy barking while dining... as I say, it's very relaxed here....

Now... drum roll please... these are my shoes!!! They are the most adorable sneakers I think I have ever seen. If you've heard that women don't wear sneakers in Europe, that's not true... the only thing is they wear runners with very interesting designs (the Nike type are for sport only here!)...

OK, I bought 2 pairs of shoes, these are the other ones..... holy sweetness!!!!
These are the dangers of shopping while slightly drunk (emphasis on slightly, just a few beers on a patio on a very hot afternoon....). Really, I'd intended to buy shoes, just not at such a upscale shop, and maybe not 2 pairs... I, of course, have iron-clad justification for such indulgences! (I can justify anything...)... The day before I had received a 125E credit for the hotel screwup earlier in my trip, so the 175E - 125E = only 50E for both pairs! Then subtract the 17E VAT tax refund I'll claim, and they really only cost me 33E for the pair. hee!
I'd actually seen lots of very good shoe sales on nice stuff closer to home here, but if I was going to buy something here, I wanted them to be totally different from anything I'd seen in North America. These definitely fit the bill! And they were on sale ;-)
They were from a shop called Camper that is apparently big all over Europe. And they come with a 2 year guarantee. Hmmmm.... upon looking at their website, there are a few places in Canada that carry them, but, regardless, these are not going to be styles I will see every day back home.

Pictures of my feet will begin to be a lot more interesting!


Stephanie Corker Irwin said...

OH! MY! WERD! I adore Camper's. (I actually went into Gravity Pope on 4th on the weekend and tried that exact pair on!) The shame with Canada is I believe there is only 1 Camper store in Toronto and they carry a few pairs here and there at other stores. LOAD UP on 'em!! Most comfortable, fabulous shoes ever! And waaaaay more expensive back "home".
PS - have you heard of Toms Shoes? Check 'em out.

Barbara D. said...

And with stirrup pants....! Am I behind the times or what? I thought you could only find those at Value Village....:)

I gotta get out a little more.!

Anonymous said...

COOL TOOTSIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JP is envious & PK is drooling !