Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Calvalcade of the Magi

Last night I went to see Barcelona's wonderful Three Kings Parade, or the Calvalcade of the Magi. The route went within a few blocks of where I am staying and you could feel the excitement as everyone gathered. For the Catalan children, this is their Christmas, so the energy was wonderful.

This first picture shows the police horses, I think their costumes are just rainjackets. Heh. The rest is fantastic. From the music and lights, to the camels and coal (for the naughty children) it was truly magical. Now, I shall let the pictures speak for themselves....

This last picture, above, is of one of the kings, I suppose.
What an amazing and magical parade. And what a privilege to witness it. Cool and groovy. Awesome too....


Anonymous said...

~ WOW amazing photos of the magical event... hey, I just got the MAGI and MAGIcal connection !!
Did you catch any candy ?
xox M'gm

Angela K. Nickerson said...

Love this! I just added a link to your post at the end of my Epiphany post:

Florence celebrates in a big way, too!