Saturday, January 16, 2010

Consulting My Pillow in La Alberca

I am currently just outside of a small village in Spain called La Alberca volunteering with a program called Pueblo Ingles. Pictured below is the venue -- I am living in a little villa like the one in the background, sharing with a Spaniard.
The reason I say I am ¨consulting my pillow¨is that this is one of the Spanish idioms I have learned... it is the equivalent of ¨sleeping on it¨ in English. I do not know how to say this in Spanish though, as Spanish is forbidden here! These amazing Spanish students have signed up to spend a full week in total immersion in the English language, from dawn to dusk, and more (they even have to speak English in the bar at night!). Gutsy folk, and I admire them. My role is to have conversations in English. Period.
This is the town of Avila that we stopped at for a bio break along the way (we are a 4 hour bus ride north of Madrid).... note the old town wall! Below is a roadside monument of some sort by the town.
These last two pics are of the flamenco demonstration we had in Madrid at Casa Patas, the day before getting on our bus, after a welcome reception. Awesome!!!!
That´s all for now, as there is one computer here shared by all, and time for me to give someone else here a turn....

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Anonymous said...

~ Wow, so exciting... can't wait to hear more. I love the "consulting my pillow" idiom !! (i think I'll do more of that in this new year) Enjoy, luv ~ M'gem