Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Olympics - Random pics & more doodles

Here are some random pics from my Olympics... This is Batman taking time out from his street art performance to interact with some kids on the public art. It made their day:
Emailing friends from the big screen down at Robson Square:
Musicians and ordinary folk dancing down at Robson Square....
Dudes dancing alone, you just don't see that every day...
Proud Canadians showing their love for our country at the ice skating rink down at Robson Square:
These guys weren't really street performers, I think they were marketing a play or something, but were fun to see nonetheless.... and I love what that one guy has done with his tail! ha!
On Robson at Seymour there is a big board where people can write messages to the athletes, it's fun to get up close to:

American cheeseheads at women's hockey at UBC. I don't mean to be mean, they were Americans and they were wearing cheese on their heads. Quite happily, I might say ;-)
I've been doodling all along, and finally got some more posted - enjoy!:

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Anonymous said...

~~~~ Neat picture with the kids & Batman and the cool sculpture (i've got to see that in person) Also really like the photo of the 2 patriotic guys at the Robson Square Rink!
.. think the costumed cats might be from "Shen Yun"

Great Olympic City blog !! ~ Tish