Monday, February 22, 2010

My Olympics - Victory Ceremony: Stereophonics

Last night my friend Kelly and I went to one of the Victory Ceremonies at BC Place, where we saw the Stereophonics. Neither of us knew them (we saw them because it was the only date with tickets still available) but totally enjoyed the music and the show:
This was also Yukon night at the venue, so we got half an hour of video and performances from the Yukon - with lots of cheers from the Yukon-heavy crowd next to us. We were surprised that - during a First Nations performance - to see a dog sled come out. It was beautiful and very special. Part of me was busy hoping that the dogs were happy (and not terrified), but they were wagging their tails;-)
Some hip hop dancers from the Yukon. They were shown first flipping off mountain ledges in the outdoors up in the Yukon, then they exploded onto the stage. Pretty darn good!
Was a bit disappointed that the night we attended the Victory Ceremony the were no local medals being given out, but we got to see the Whistler awards - incluing Jon Montgomery's gold medal. It was a proud moment, and I got to sing Oh Canada (and was suitably drowned out by the crowd, much to Kelly's relief... I gather my singing isn't so hot.... lol). Regardless, it was good to see the inside of BC Place all decked out for the Olympics - and it was cool to get a good event for only $22 in the nosebleed section.
I have been doodling, here's the next batch:

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Anonymous said...

What an evening,,, YUkon Hip Hop plus the Stereophonics!! And isn't Jon Montgomery a sweet guy?
Cheers! Tish