Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Reflections and Pics from Victoria

Just some random pics and reflections from Victoria....

This is a windowsill doodle, next to a retro clock that works when winds, but not for long. Regardless, the doodle keeps on smiling...
I met this dog yesterday when I went to the home of one of the women in my travel writer's group. His name is Milton and he is apparently the largest dog in the capital district. He is a Mastiff and weighs 210 pounds. His head is truly the size of a cow's head... and his paws are like a bear's. He seemed very gently, but I wouldn't want to be a tiny person out on the street if he got off his leash, as a simple bump just might tip you over.
More sneakers over the telephone wires. These ones in Vic West on Henry:
Neat old building on Bay Street.
A taxi from Bangladesh, if I remember correctly. It was outside the Ten Thousand Villages store in Saanich somewhere. Apparently these taxis carry 7 or 8 people!
I see cool stuff every day here. Not remembering to take pics as often as I was before, but still grabbing a few, and must remember to post them from time to time ;-)
BTW, also posted a doodle I called Harlequin Hands over on my doodle blog.

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Anonymous said...

Cool.... I LOVE Mastiffs !!!!! ~ p