Friday, August 06, 2010

In the Big Apple: It's Only Fitting

Kelly and I had an awesome dinnder at Cilantro last night, a charming little restaurant at 83rd and Columbus in New York's Upper West Side. It was tiny and crowded and noisy...
... and delicious. Dinner was more food than we could eat and was $75US, including wine and tip. We could have had one less appy in the mix and still be satisfied. Just look at the order of guacamole below. And, yes, that's a dried banana chip... very tasty.
My doodle at Brother Jimmy's BBQ, a little bar on Amsterdam. It was killer-killer hot and I was heading for the shaded patio, but stuck my head inside and the AC was so icy cold I was drawn in like a magnet. It was Happy Hour and beer was $2 a pint. I was so hot I had two. Proof is in the bill, let's call it $5.50 with tip. Menu looked filling and cheap, but not sure that was the big attraction, as the bar was pretty packed with locals.
For those paying attention, or crafty minded, they might guess from the above why I titled this post the way I did. Otherwise, you can entertain yourself with these pretty toes, found on Broadway yesterday.... and the lady was dressed to match.
These three little girls with matching suckers, in their matching duds, were just begging me to take their picture, I'm sure.
Lovin' all the flowers...
The craziness outside a market on Broadway yesterday...
Puleeeezzzeee adopt me?
... how about me?
Found these kitties at the mobile cat adoption unit that was parked on Broadway near 75th. Inside, the serious adopters could get a little more intimate with the kitties. The ASPCA was also fundraising on the spot, so it seems like a good strategy.
OK, here's another example of a lunch under $10 in the Big Apple. I was hungry and ready for a break, so I stopped into Manhattan Diner. Nothing fancy, but good value, good food and good service. The grilled cheese was under $5, and with the fries and Diet Coke I just hit $10.
I managed to snag a table in that little window jutting out into the street at the front (left of the pic), and had a great view of the passing city scene.
This is a little different for me, writing this level of detail about so many of my meals. But it's not that much bother, to take note of the name and address, along with my pics. I don't see this information so much as pointing people to specific restaurants -- New York is just so big and there are so many great places to eat! -- but, perhaps, tips on finding ways to afford a stay in the big apple without breaking the bank. And, perhaps have some fun doing it.
Oh, and to fill in that "little" detail, I went shopping yesterday at Bra Smyths, a truly professional shop that fitted me like I've never been fitted before. I'm a new woman. Things are looking up. Heh.

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