Thursday, August 12, 2010

In the Big Apple: Little Places, Little Pics - Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 of this post.... When I went out from my Pod later in the day, I eventually ended up here, in the back garden at Trestle on Tenth (which their website describes as a Swiss style brasserie) in Chelsea.
Looking up from the deck. It really was lovely. The day had cooled enough that it was very pleasant in the shade, with the cicadas occassionally singing.
It turned out to be an excellent choice, although we had simply stumbled on it, searching for cold beer in the heat of late afternoon. I had been to an exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery, with Matt and Ian, two guys also staying at The Pod. With your reservation you get advanced access to an online forum where you can connect with other guests looking to do stuff with. Matt had suggested the exhibit, and both Ian and I had responded. The exhibit was very interesting, and it's something I wouldn't have found otherwise. Here is our post-exhibition repast:On the back of the board is Ian's rabbit rillette (which I tasted but wasn't really all that fond of, very rich), then my quadrello di buffalo cheese (to die for), and finally Ian's amazing cheese choice: tete de moine (I think), which is so pretty you almost don't want to eat it (I swapped half of my cheese for half of his, sweet!). In front is my spinach and pine nuts. Followed by cassis, yummy:
Ian is from Toronto and is a true food and wine connoisseur. Get this: while saving money by staying at The Pod, Ian treated himself to the 11 course tasting menu, complete with the wine pairings. Throw in a drink and a generous tip, and we are talking a $425 meal. For one. Wow. I love someone who enjoys their passions.
It turns out that Ian is an Egyptologist, so he wrote my name for me - it's the last line below, and the little lady at the far right indicates that it's a woman's name. How cool is that?!?!?
Ian is also a photographer, so I bought his book of photos, which he autographed for me. This is something I like to do when I encounter someone who is selling art or perhaps a book of their creative endeavors.
Here is Matt toasting us while he puruses Ian's book. Matt is a teacher and lives in Saudi Arabia. He and his wife have taught overseas for most of their adult lives, so he had lots of stories to share. Now with two kids, they live inside a compound where the only beer they get is what Matt manages to brew himself. It is an understatement to say he enjoyed selecting his beer here.
Matt is also an avid photography fan and his passion is pinhole photography. I thought I knew what that meant, until I met Ian and he showed me his cameras:
The one that says 99 cents is an old camera which he bought and removed the lens. The others are his own contraptions, courtesy of tips that one can find on the web. Another fascinating dicsussion.

It was a great experience for me, as it's the first time I've intentionally met up with someone I don't know to do something together while travelling. They both said the same thing. And we all had a rather grand time.
I do still think it's funny that the two of them who are such avid photographers didn't take a picture all night, while I was snapping away with my little digital (and they were both ok with me taking pics knowing they'd go on my blog). Three very different photographic styles. Three new friends. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Intruiging friends you made... how was the Photography exhibit? ~ tish

Roberta said...

Well, no pics could be taken at the exhibit, so it's hard to give a sense here... but it was good. You can follow the link to the gallery in the post to see info and some of the photos. It was a small exhibit, 3-8 pics each by 5 different photogrpahers. And a real range. Very artsy. Cool.