Saturday, February 21, 2009

Moments from my Deepak Chopra evening

It was a good event... but I am compelled to note strange moments...

  • I arrive at the theatre in time to get a vodka before they start and... guess, what.. no bar!!! LOL.
  • I'm on the aisle, guy 3 seats in - with the most enormous glasses since Elton John - saying, "do you think i should pee before it starts? will there be an intermission?" (he doesn't)
  • Lots of white women people wearing white flowing robes and white turbans
  • Endless promotions and marketing in the opening remarks, along with "all they flyers in the lobby are for the betterment of the world and our spiritual journeys" or something like that. Sets me up for a 'what crap' thought. my comfort is I like Deepak
  • Deepak delivers with a joke about all the commercials - with his wonderful voice
  • I sit back and doodle throughout
  • Deepak: 60% of our bodies share the same DNA as a banana
  • Intermission, out for a smoke break, how unspiritual, then chat with a woman with an accent who says she has some of her most spiritual moments when smoking
  • I'm standing outside in short sleeves thinking how nice it is for Feb - and see a crowd of drunk teenagers wearing toques - one with a reb pom pom
  • back to show, more doodles, more enlightenment
  • Afterwards, someone has a limo pick them up - isn't that out of sync with being really spiritual? treasure mother earth and all that
  • I go to a great spot for a crepe or 2, and a glass of wine or 3, doodle and flirt with the bartender - 15 younger than me and probably gay, but fun anyways, then me tipsy enough to cancel my own Interac transaction
  • Walking home 3 girls with no coats, fancy very short dresses, high heels - are they going to meet the boys with toques?

Here are my doodles from the show.

Postscript added the next day: despite the silliness of my post from last night, it was actually a pretty powerful evening, and I have been thinking about the coincidences that got me there

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