Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheap travel in Europe

I'd heard Ryanair was cheap, but, wow:

  • Paris to Barcelona: .79 Euros + fees = 23.91 Euros
  • Paris to Rome: 4.79 Euros + fees = 27.91 Euros
That's $39-46 CAD. I will intentionally take the train sometimes, but this blows me away and will definitely be used from time to time... I can handle being treated like cattle for such short trips. (note to self: bring change to pee)

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John Koetsier said...

Hi Roberta,

Wow, what an adventure you are going on! I happened to see you on LinkedIn as you're connected to someone I'm also connected to (Malay Kapoor).

Nice blog - and I wish you very, very wonderful European travels/