Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reflections on Juggling

I was looking for an image of jugglers tonight - I've been thinking I am juggling a lot of balls of late - and I stumbed across this sculpture. They are from an artist called STEFFI GREENBAUM and I found them here.

  • I am awed by howe energized I am by planning this trip and changing my life
  • Today I remembered that I am not cut out to be a corporate girl, 9-5 is not my thing
  • Giving stuff away feels good
  • I am heartened by how positively gleeful and appreciative the regular homeless guy by IGA is when I buy him chocolate
  • I am plotting Berlin and Athens, which first... ?
  • How convenient that I had a travel book on my shelf, called Seasons of Rome, and that it starts in the fall on September 4th... I will be arriving on September 4rd, so it was soooo coool to learn about what is on the minds of locals at that time of year
  • My purple hair needs some refreshing...

That's it for now...

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