Monday, March 09, 2009

Rome in September!

Well, I have found my spot for September, sharing an apartment with an Italian woman who has also lived in Chicago. I get my own bedroom with a king sized bed, couch, desk, private bathroom and balcony. It is located in 'an upscale and elegant neighborhood of Rome', the Financial District, or EUR. She tells me it is a safe area, where locals (and international professionals as well) live, work and have fun.

So... I am set for July (Barcelona), August (Paris) and September (Rome), so I am good through the busy season. Fall will unfold, and I'm already thinking about where to go that's warm in the winter...

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db said...

Hi Roberta,
What a great place. EUR is full of expats working for their home countries.

You will love Rome. I have spent several months, off and on, living in the Monti area. Rent a cheap place and spend all my savings on food and wine.