Friday, May 01, 2009

Europe Travel Links

Just keeping track of some good links for myself, for the places I'll be visiting....

(I plan to update this post periodically as I discover new links, and will eventually copy over to a trip-specific blog...)

Spotted by Locals - Experience Barcelona like a local
Vila de Gràcia - Reading the signs & symbols - great public library in Barcelona, open to 1am
Bar Oller - Pop into Pep’s - neat Barcelona bar with € 1.20 draft beer, great place to hang with a newspaper and listen to Van Morrison
Frankfurt, Sant Jaume - Central, Cheap and Cheerful - great takeout place, a burger is only € 2.80 and the menu sounds great, even get a beer to eat in the square
Frederic Marès museum - Curious Curios & Crucifixes - courtyard café - on Wednesday after 14:00, it’s free admission
La Pedrera - A Mine of Art - turns out there's a great art gallery in the space that will store your bags and use the loo

Spotted by Locals - Experience Paris like a local
Stuff Parisians Like
BPI - Postmodernist book’s home - awesome Paris library with lengthy free internet
Saint Ouen Flea Market in Paris - wow, can't wait to hang out here for days
Jeans - an interesting blog post about wearing jeans in Paris (and I'm still gonna wear them despite being past 49)
Wearing Black - in Paris, black is in, bright colours are out, oh my! ("There is no wearing red or yellow in Paris if you are mentally sane")
What do I wear in Paris???- another great piece on what women wear in Paris, with lots of pics
Art Brut - awesome cafe / bar in Paris
Castle of Vaux le Vicomte - inspiration of Versailles, as beautiful, waaaaay less crowded
Paris' Train Stations - ways to kill time before your train departs
Drinking Dehors in Paris - destinations for a spell of civilized open-air drinking
Small Bites In Paris - accompanied with best nearby spots of grass in the city
ROME Spotted by Locals - Experience Rome like a local
Upter - Lifelong Learning on a Budget - continuing ed courses in Rome
English Yellow Pages - Directory of English-speiaking professionals and businesses in Italy -but it's also bloggish with other good info
What's Happening in Rome
The changing face of Rione Monti
- Fascinating Shopping in Rome walking in the Ancient Roman neighborhoud of Rione Monti
Districts of Rome: EUR The city within the city - the area in Rome where I will be staying
Rome Travel Guide
The Rome Guide
BERLINSpotted by Locals - Experience Berlin like a local
M1 - Tram trip from trash to classic art - Berlin subways and art stuff
Berlin Travel Guide
Free Walking Tour of Berlin, Germany!
Checkpoint Charlie and other Berlin Wall stories
Eat on the street in Berlin
Anne Frank Museum - didn't know there was one here (as well as the one in Amsterdam)
The Berlin Guide
Berlin in Your Pocket - awesome guide in downloadable PDF
Berlin's Historic Swimming Pools
Berlin's Smallest Cinemas
Getting Naked in Berlin's Saunas -sounds waaaay more pleasant than the ones in Paris!
Berlin in Ruins
Guide to Berlin's Platzes
Chasing Marlene Dietrich
Wine Bars & Cellars in Berlin
Eclectic & Local Berlin Nightlife
Berlin Graf Guide Redux
The Best of Cheap Stuff in Berlin
Moabit's Art Offensive
Berlin Graf Guide - there is some very cool stuff!
Berlin's Best Art Blogs Revisited
Berlin Street Art & Lowbrow Culture 101
Exploring Berlin's Courtyards in Loving Memory of Heinrich Zille
Greater Berlin's Smaller Museums
Hidden Bars in East Berlin
Offbeat Attractions in Berlin
Things Not to Do in Berlin
Building Berlin: Architect Hans Poelzig
Architecture Museum, Technical University
Berlin's Puppet Regime
Naked Beauty in Berlin's Museums - dated with past exhibitions, but still good stuff
Classical Music & Opera in Berlin - Berlin's a city where operagoers take their seats in jeans and t-shirts.
Medieval City of Rhodes - UNESCO World Heritage Site
Yoga in Rhodes - also offers art classes, retreats etc.
City of Rhodes
Living in Rhodes
Modern Greek Art Museum
ATHENSAthens City Guide
Athens in Your Pocket - awesome guide in downloadable PDF
GENERALSix surefire ways to get sick while traveling
15 Essential Items for a Trip Around The World
Six Tips for Introverted Travelers
Top 10 art museums in the world

Top 16 Museums of the World
Hillman's Wonders of the World

UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Traveler’s 101 - The Complete Travel Tip Post
Power Plugs and Sockets all over the World
Top 10 cities for art lovers
Top 10 destinations for iconic drinks
11 Essential iPhone Apps for a Road Trip
The Top 5 couchsurfing websites

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