Saturday, May 02, 2009

My lazy day

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What a lovely lazy day...
  • I really did sleep most of the day.... pure bliss
  • Eventually went out this evening to turn in my bus pass (won't be needing that anymore, $90 saved)
  • that's about it... aside of some twittering, some doodling and scoping out good websites on how the locals live in Paris
  • 58 days to go...


Peter said...

I took some time go through a number of posts here and am now aware about your travel plans, your flats all around Europe... Looks fascinating! Hope to hear from you when you are in Paris, although, as you state, there is a risk that I will be out of town for a while, like the other locals. You have my email address on my blog.

Roberta said...

Hey Peter, thanks, would be great to connect while I'm in Paris, I'll give you a try when I arrive ;-)