Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 days to go!

3 days to go, oh my. NOW I am feeling it, that is SOON!

Nice surprise dinner with a friend last night, authentic Mexican food in Yaletown. Memorable moment: she asks the waitress what desserts they have, and what follows is a 5 minute exchange in rapid Spanish, at the end of which my friend says, "Do you want to try that?" LOL, not a clue what they said...

Today is a day for contract work, and for checking a bunch of stuff off my list. Will feel better with today's to do's under my belt.

Seems I have internet access this morning, so a quick post and I'm off....!

Yesterday's entry
4 days to go, and the umbrellas are out in Vancouver. Suitable for today, I feel like I am awaking from a bit of a fog, mostly from how it wore me out getting out of my apartment (finally done! ... tho still stuff in my friend's car), but also partly from a couple magarita's and wine with friends on a patio last night.

At this point, 4 days to go has me more overwhelmed than excited, as I still have so much to do, but I'll turn that corner soon.

Internet access is sketchy, at best, where I am staying. I am considering it to be good training for getting online while I am travelling. I can always go out to get access at an internet cafe or business centre, but the ability to quickly check email, update my blog and tweet is now a bit of a 'luxury' to me. I'll appreciate it when I have it. For now, writing blog posts offline for posting when I get a few minutes of up time...

A bit of amusement: searching for wireless networks, bided my time by making note of some 'interesting' network names:
  • sofuckingcomplicated
  • creamed1
  • Midget X
  • Victory
  • kd baby
  • void!
  • schnozzle
  • Funknik
  • 1BatBone... and I guess Abs_4, Abs WiFi and Abs QA belong to the gym across the street...

Time for me to go study my 'to do' list to see what I can knock off today, and create a plan for the rest of the week. I am motivated to do what I can by Friday, so that I have Saturday mostly free... I fly Sunday afternoon,

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