Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Only 19 days until I leave to the land of Gaudi!

I can't believe it is only 19 days until I take off, then one plane sleep until I set foot in the land of Gaudi! The pictures above are on the SoulTravelers3 blog, a family of 3 living on the road (take a look at the site, there are adorable pics of their little girl amongst the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona). Or take a Gaudi virtual tour here: Casa Batllo: Get Your Gaudi Fix With This Barcelona Beauty

Practically unfathomable that I have only 19 days left in Vancouver, and less than 2 weeks until I leave my apartment (spending my last week in a friend's apartment while she is on vacation)... my how time flies!!! Tempted to write a long, thoughtful blog entry, but, alas, I have contract work to do, and I'd better get to it!

Post-script: just struck me how many phallic symbols there are in Gaudi's architecture ;-)


jen laceda said...

Are you leaving to travel around the world in 19 days?

Roberta said...

Yes!! I am giving up my apartment, getting rid of almost everything I own, and I anticipate being gone for a year.... very exciting! I start off with a month in Barcelona, followed by a month each in Paris, Rome, Berline, Rhodes, Athens and Lisbon... then who knows... ;-)

Soultravelers3 said...

Hola from Barcelona! Thanks for the link love!

Time will really start flying fast now for you! Smart to go slow and take your time, but don't forget to add a trip to Santorini while you are in Athens.

Enjoy! Slow world travel is the best!!

Roberta said...

Hola, and you're welcome. I feel the fast in my countdown, but I am looking forward to really slow travel once I set off.... the benefits of a month in each place.

Hmmm.... is Santorini even "open" in December? I expect it will be quiet, but yes, I shall go ;-)