Monday, June 22, 2009

6 days to go

6 days to go and I am getting there... but was a tiring day yesterday and
I'm not quite done yet. All the craigslist angels came and picked up their stuff (well, except for one no show, but a later angel also took that stuff
too... And the cleaning angels did their magic, and even pollyfilla-ed all
my nail holes. Today really just need to get the rest of the remaining stuff
out of there (more stuff to storage, stuff to bring to my friend's place to do a final sort, charity stuff to drop off, recycling to take down)... Looking forward to being done, done, done!

I am SOOOOOO glad I planned ahead and booked myself a massage for tonight, my poor body....

Not really absorbing the 6 days left yet, sure it will hit me when I get today behind me.... but it's all good.

Sunday's entry....

7 days to go, and the pre-trip mode has begun. Spent last night at a friend's place - she is away on vacation this week, so she lent me her apartment (handy, 2 blocks from my place) and her car for the week. Nice friend ;-)

Looking out at the world from my friend's place this morning:
  • It seems that fancy Joe Fortes puts ugly blue tarps over all their patio tables at night, guess it's the anti-bird-shit method

  • The Shangriala has 4 or 5 arcs of water by their pool that look rather lovely; it's also as close as I will ever get to that place...

  • The offices across the street who leave all their lights on overnight on the weekend - including lighting up an uglish empty lunchroom complete with Coke machine - look like true idiots now that eco is in
Was tiiiiired, ok exhausted, last night when I got here, but I am feeling good about what I have left to do. Yesterday got rid of most of the rest of my stuff in my apartment - including the bed, yeah! - just a few smaller objects later. Need to finish cleaning up my old desktop computer today so it is ready for the woman who is picking it up for charity. And a friend is also coming by to take all my CDs to a charity that will sell them in their store... meanwhile I am still importing as much as I can into iTunes; think I was up to 135 albums last night. Cleaners are coming at 3 to do the move out clean (bless my angels). One or two Craiglist ads should do the rest.
I have more stuff left that I originally wanted, but it's all ok. Ended up renting a storage locker here at my friend's building ($25/mo, dirt cheap), and will bring the stuff over today. For the most part, my plan has worked: all the stuff I want to keep in 6 big purple storage bins I already had. 1 of them is still empty, but I suppose that will change today. Plus 3 small boxes of books that I was orginally going to store at another friend's place, but will just throw them in the locker as well. Ended up with one odd shaped box to store my art (now I have joined the ranks of people who store their creations! at least I'll have some stuff from this phase of my life, along with the Europe-created stuff, for a little show when I get back.

That would have been it, if I hadn't had those moments in my old storage locker. Ah, 4 boxes of tax records... those years of working full tilt at consulting and mountains of receipts. Keep. 2 boxes of photos; gotta keep those; kinda wish I had time to tear them out of the photo albums and get them down to half a shoebox, but nah, not worth the energy expension at this time. Keep. A box containing stuff I'd written and published, including about 8 copies of my book. Keep. Then there's the box of stuff from when I cleaned out my sister's hospice room, I tucked it away and hadn't dealt with it since... last week I thought I might go through it, but it feels too emotional for such little time left. I shall tuck it away for another time. Keep.

So... still stuff.... oh well, it's still not much. as soon as I have breakfast here, I am heading over to my old place to haul the stuff over. I have a feeling it will be a multi-Red Bull day... ;-)


Maryann Treffers said...

Hi Roberta,

I'm Branwen's friend, Maryann, and I love your blog!! You're very funny and you've given me a bunch of useful and interesting travel tips. I'll be in Paris Aug 10-24...and actually I'll be on the same flight as Branwen! Looking forward to meeting you!


PS: you can email me at if you'd like.

Roberta said...

Looking forward to meeting you too Maryann!