Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hanging out with Persephone

I am in Greece!! Rhodes, actually. I spent last night in Athens (nice to have a preview of where I am spending December) and I flew to Rhodes this morning.

So I named this blog post "Hanging out with Persephone"... Above is the sculpture, Hades and Persephone, which I have seen in the Borghese Gallery in Rome, it's truly amazing.... But the reason for naming this blog post after her is two-fold:
  • The first is a book I started reading today, Dinner with Persephone, by Patricia Storace. It's travel writing from Greece, from a woman who spent a year in Athens. It's an easy read and I have learned more about Greek culture from the first chapter than all the Greek travel books I've read to date. Highly recommended.
  • The second is a cat whom I have named Persephone, who came and sat on the wall of my private terrace this afternoon. I took some pics, will post at a later time. I was reading the book, chatting with the cat, figured she needed a name... bingo!
This motivates me to brush up on my Greek gods and goddesses.... More soon...

Other than that, I am well. Much less culture shocking coming to Greece than I anticipated. I probably had more culture shock in Rome. More once I've been here awhile.... Oh, on that note, I am in Greece for the rest of this calendar year. I leave January 1 for Barcelona...


Angela K. Nickerson said...

Oh, that Bernini sculpture is amazing, isn't it? The dimples in her hip where his hand is gripping her... gorgeous.

And here's what's really funny: Dinner with Persephone is next on my shelf of books. I just have to finish the book I'm reading now: Caesar's Women. :)

Anonymous said...

Aphrodite says lovely to hear U are in Greece
Sea you in my dreams ~ Aphrodite

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pics!!!