Monday, November 23, 2009

Poinsettias, lemons and... a quiz!

In another first in my life, I stumbled across a real, live Poinsettia plant with it's roots in the earth. In Canada, Poinsettias are found in the grocery store at Christmas time. In Greece, Pointsettas are found in your garden.

Here is a close up I took of the Poinsettia... with a lemon (from the accompanying lemon tree, of course!) blurred in the background:

I rather like this second shot, in which the focus/blur is switched between the two:
What it's like to stumble on a Poinsettia bush on a sunny afternoon:
The lemons sure are a bright yellow in the direct sun:
Found these the other day on an afternoon walk near my flat here in Axia, just north of Rhodes town. They were on the side of the main road/highway....
Now, for something a little different.... I did two of the following things today (the other eight I did not do!):
  1. Accepted a ride on the back of a motorcycle
  2. Ate an orange found fallen from a tree
  3. Bought a piece of breakable art that needs to be shipped back to Canada
  4. Reused the coffee grounds in order to have a second cup when the bag ran out
  5. Took a stuffed animal to the beach to take a picture
  6. Cut my own hair
  7. Ordered a pair of custom-made leather boots
  8. Got a tattoo on the spur of the moment
  9. Had coffee at Starbuck's
  10. Had lunch at McDonald's
Can you guess which TWO of these things I did?
To continue the fun, just because I can, I'll wait a day or two (or three) to post the answer ;-)

Update: the answers have been posted here.


Anonymous said...

MG says.. #3 (breakabke art) & #5 (critter to beach)... figured it was coffee but (bag?) and was excited abt mocycle but woulda been pics of that !

Alexandra said...

Oh, you're wicked! I can't wait to find out. I'm voting for: Got a tattoo and Cut my own hair.

Love A.

Roberta said...

Loving the guesses!

As a hint, don't expect my pictures to give away anything... I am holding off any pictures that might give a clue for now ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jeannie K guesses the Motorcycle Ride and the Stuffed Animal on the beach !!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm #5 and ... cut own hair ??
~ B

Anonymous said...

Definitely not Starbucks or Macdonald's - do they even exist on Rhodes anyway?

So I'm going for haircut and orange.


Anonymous said...

MGem ~ May i change my guess ?
Want to pick : Re-used coffee grounds & stuffed animal on beach !!
~ When do we find out? oooh is there prize