Friday, November 27, 2009

And the quiz prize goes to...

... Bryan! A few days ago I posted a quiz about some of my recent adventures here. Bryan is the only one who got them 100% right (nice work Bryan, you beat my family!).

Here I am with my short "do"... this shot does not to justice to the very boyish blunt cuts on one side of my head! I did a few corrections after this, but it was not a good idea! Thank goodness, hair grows...
These are the oranges I found on the ground, pictured along with my matching orange purse (from Florence), my I-adore-you-Camper-sneakers (from Barcelona) and my pretty blue tank top (from my sissy):
Here were the options - and what really happened (reminder, I did two of the following things today (the other eight I did not do!):
  1. Accepted a ride on the back of a motorcycle - not a chance, especially in a place where they do not wear helmets~!
  2. Ate an orange found fallen from a tree - bingo!! but it was waaaay too bitter to eat, one touch of my tongue and I was sputtering and laughing - and tossing the fruit away
  3. Bought a piece of breakable art that needs to be shipped back to Canada - nope, though I saw stuff worthy
  4. Reused the coffee grounds in order to have a second cup when the bag ran out - nope, but I wouldn't put it beyond me
  5. Took a stuffed animal to the beach to take a picture - ok, I am way too shy to admit that I am not travelling alone, let alone make a trip in public....
  6. Cut my own hair - bingo!!! you know when you hear that voice in your head that says, "this may not be a good idea, I should stop now"... if you have scissors in your hands and are in front of a bathroom mirror, I really recommend listening (I didn't); btw, I thought about going to the hairdresser's across the street, but the woman's hair there looks like a skunk - I did you not! Not good advertising...
  7. Ordered a pair of custom-made leather boots - nope, I'm not enough of a fashion diva for this one; actually, "fashion diva" and "Roberta" should not be used together, really (says the girl who is walking around with holes in her shorts!)
  8. Got a tattoo on the spur of the moment - I thought about it, but the place was closed
  9. Had coffee at Starbuck's - this is one thing I have not seen in Rhodes, that I have seen elsewhere.... I have taken great pride in avoiding these (only 3 visits so far in 5 months), I figure I didn't come all the way to Europe to have coffee at Starbucks! I'm going local...
  10. Had lunch at McDonald's - not a chance, tho there IS one here... and I have been known to use their facilities once in awhile throughout Europe, but no way am I going to eat in one
Thanks to all who played along - it was fun to see your guesses. And Bryan gets a glass of wine when I get home.


Anonymous said...

Cute Hairdo (contest was fun) Midi

Roberta said...

let's see if you still say that when you see it up close!! ;-)

Who knows, you might be doing a trim!

(thx for playing)