Thursday, April 08, 2010

Reflections on a Glorious Wind

The sky early this morning was truly lovely. Here's looking from my window, down Burrard, with the North Shore mountains in the distance.
A close up of the same shot. Anything with the Hotel Vancouver gets my vote (and makes my mom happy when I post these!)...
Looking East, the colours were magical...
... while I froze my ass standing on my balcony in my nitie snapping away...
The TV news this morning included a report on 3 or 4 boats that had washed up on Kits Beach. OK, it was 3 when the report started, and 4 when it finished. Anyways I thought it was hilarious that the flag on this one had a skull and crossbones on it!
Took this spectacular pic of our snowy mountains from the Broadway Skytrain platform. Wow.
I rather like the way this shot is strangely framed... Taken from Lougheed Highway, below the Brentwood Mall Skytrain station. I had other pics without the structure, but liked this one best.
What a glorious wind it was this morning. Well, not so glorious for those who lost power or had trees topple on their houses - or tossed their boats ashore... but, for me, I loved how it cleared the air and blew out the mental cobwebs. It is definitely a good thing that I got a haircut this past weekend, or I would look quite the fright right now. Really really short hair is good for so many reasons!

The North Shore mountains were sparkling with crisp white snow today, lots of it I understand. So, after the long Olympic/Paralympic stretch when skiiers could not get onto Cypress - and the weeks leading up to it when it was closed as they trucked in the white stuff, new snow has arrived in droves and the season has been extended. That's good news not only for the season pass holders and drop-of-a-hat skiiers, but it's also good for us non-skiiers, as there isn't much more depressing than glum skiiers who are stuck on pavement complaining about the lack of snow. Heh. Well, there's lots more depressing than that, but I am happy when others are happy, and I know this makes a while lot of folks happy. Me, I'm happy to take pics and just enjoy the beauty. One of the other reasons I love the wind is that any smog hanging over the city is carried away, and even the lightest clouds get whipped away, leaving just crisp mountains against the blue sky... which is even more awesome when there is fresh snow.

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