Friday, May 28, 2004

ASTD presentations on orientation

Stumbled across a couple of ASTD conference presentations on new employee orientation:

I'll Take Orientation For $100! Or, Keeping Employees Out of Jeopardy. It's from the City of Peoria (I don't know where that is!) and it's for a new employee reception concept.

On Location: Moving New Employee Orientation From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary - this one is from Harley-Davidson Financial Services. Looks like a couple little gems in this one...

ASTD handouts are now online

The ASTD conference handouts are now available free online.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

A couple articles by me on blogging

I realized today that I have been remiss on putting links to the pair of articles I wrote on blogging here... so, anyways, here they are:

Blogged for Business
I wrote these as a 2-part series, and this is the first on; it looks at blogs in corporate communications in general

Blogged for Learning
Here's the second one, which is what I'm really interested in, blogs in a the learning context

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Free Stephen Covey articles online

Also found this page of free articles by Stephen Covey , looks like some good ones.... Ironically, most of them appear to be 10 or so years old. But his stuff lives on...

Cool T&D Programs Assessment Tool

I stumbled across this neat tool tonight, "Training and Development Programs Assessment: A Survey for Managers" - it's a free and pretty fast self-assessment for training managers/leaders, from the Jack Phillips Center for Research. 30 good questions.

Save Counterspin

Calling all Canadians.... CBC Newsworld is cancelling Counterspin, one of the absolutely best programs on TV. Counterspin was provocative, engaging, balanced, open, edgy and simply great! I usually thinks the CBC does a good job at making programming decisions, but this one stinks. Here's the story.

There is an online petition you can sign to bring it back, please take a minute to sign it.


Note added May 22nd: I was pleasantly surprised to get a reply from the CBC Ombudsman on the email I sent. Actually, I sent it to just about every CBC contact I could stir up, so they all got a reply. Also heard back from the Counterspin producers, they are getting lots of similiar feedback.