Monday, January 01, 2007

A new year, a new blog.

Happy New Year 2007!

I hereby officially retire my old blog, which was mostly focused on business. The stuff I was tracking and commenting on just doesn't jazz me anymore to the point where I feel compelled to blog them (though I still have interest in the subjects).

My new blog, well, it will be something more focused on me and who I am and what interests me and what I think -- and not caring what anyone else thinks about that. More of a personal journal.

What I've come to recognize is how much my inner self has changed these last few years. I lost my sister a little over 2 years ago, and her final 18 months were pretty painful, so I find that who I was 4 years ago is a lifetime different than who I am today. What mattered to me then means little to me now. I haven't really figured out what matters to me now, but I feel like I am continuing to shed my old skin. Eventually, the new one will emerge.

I have always liked new years, because they represent new beginnings. There is something symbolic in a new calendar year that always resonates with me.

For the couple of months I have been thinking about what the next year means to me. It's not clear, but it's coming into focus.

This year is about health.

This year is about travel. Not so much doing, but laying foundations for travel in 2008. I have begun planning a trip to Europe, maybe a month, maybe two. But where do I want to go, what do I want to see, what type of experience do I want? These are the questions I've begun to explore and will shape my inner world in 2007.

The first focus - health - is deeply connected to the second focus - travel. I've pushed my luck on my health and it's time to get real with myself -- and I'm not going to be able to travel well, or freely, if I don't have my health. It's all interconnected.