Sunday, October 13, 2013

Found on Flickr: Rogue Chairs


I made the most interesting discovery tonight on Flickr... it's a group called "League of the Empty Chair (interestingly Out Of Place)", and it's just that, odd, random rogue chairs found here and there. Here are a few of my favourites found so far (click any image to go to its source):

spooky 2AM find

Out to pasture..

Chair in the Wall

Front Row Seat

the benefit stream

wayward throne


Seat of Reconstruction

Made in the Organic Shade

The ones I like best are those that are unstaged, and somehow surprising. But I did enjoy this:

Enjoying the afternoon sun
... and last, but certainly not least....

Salton Sea (CA)

Monday, October 07, 2013

Found on Flickr: shadows, skateboards and sheer guts

A few compelling photos I've stumbled across in Flickr recently.

These are all from Miles Gehm on Flickr.

20090905 07 LCRSP Skull Bowl

20090905 17 LCRSP Skull Bowl

back to the bank

20100814 01 Skate The Lake 3

20120226 LCRSP  03

20130824 TBMC Women at LCRSP  008.jpg

20130824 TBMC Women at LCRSP  006.jpg

20130824 TBMC Women at LCRSP  020.jpg

20120811 LCRSP Full Pipe contest 12.jpg

20100530 LCRSP steep bank bert 03

Source: click on each photo for the source

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

I'm dropping the puck

I'm over being a hockey fan.

Gatsby Puck

Still like the game, and it has been an interesting process to pick up on, but it's just not calling to me anymore. This started with my trip to Europe, when I was out of the loop. Got into it, by a degree, when I got back, but in the years since, my interest has ebbed and flowed.

Realized I had crossed a line when I decided to cancel my cable. Just not watching TV, and I can't see why I am paying for it. It was only after making that decision that I remembered hockey. A real hockey fan wouldn't do that.

Perhaps what's most had me lose interest is the fighting. Thought they were working to eliminate it. Apparently not. I was tuning in to watch the skill, strategy, sheer athletic ability and fun of cheering one's game. I didn't tune in to watch grown men pummel each other.

A few other things contributed to my declining interest, though that's the big one. I still like the Canucks, and I will remain a fan - I'll watch a game if I'm somewhere one is on - but don't like how they fired the coach, who I respected. I'd once gone to an open practice, and liked what I saw in Alain Vigneault And I have no respect for the belligerent, gloomy coach they hired instead, always felt grateful John Tortorella wasn't our coach when I would see him in tv interviews.

So, I'll save my money, and mainly my time, for other things.

PS. It seems a lot of people name their pets "Puck"... in searching for an image for this blog post, I stumbled across plenty of cute furry friends...

A dog named Puck

Puck 03
A cat named Puck

Sue & Puck
Another cat named Puck
If you click the image for the source info, you'll see the story of how
the subject of the picture is supposed to the flowers, not the cat :)

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Random Reflections during light therapy

Stained Glass Skylight Above the DeSoto Fountain, Fordyce Bathhouse, Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
Fordyce bathhouse in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
(found on Flickr, by kenlund, click image for more)
Just a few reflections as I start my winter ritual of light therapy....
  • Picked that picture above before I realized it was in an American national park, all of which are shut down, due to the budget craziness south of the border (no, I haven't seen the bathhouse, didn't even know it existed, interesting)
  • I find myself looking forward to light therapy this year... that's not always been the case, as it has meant the coming of winter (not my favourite season), but this year, I am looking forward to a return of reading. The craziness that was caregiving for a few years left me disconnected from reading, and being totally plugged in online now has made it hard to dig in deeply. I have always been an avid reader, so this has been a disorienting experience. This year, almost a year after my mom has gone into residential care, has me in a place where I can enjoy an old ritual in my life, reading in bed as I wake early for light therapy, to read, read, read...
  • 'Our Man in Tehran' offers Canadian response to Argo - I enjoyed this interview on Q yesterday. I read the original account of the work of Ken Taylor and the Canadian government to hide and rescue the 6 American diplomats in Iran in 1979 (entitled, Our Man in Tehran), so it was good to hear more of the 'real' story getting media attention - and good news, there is a documentary coming
  • B.C. athlete's Olympic dream hinges on fundraising campaign - was surprised, disappointed and inspired this morning to hear the story of Victoria-born athlete, Matt Margetts, having to turn to the public to get his basic costs covered to get to the Sochi Olympics. What happened to all that great Canadian funding for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the dreams it inspired? Sigh. Hope he finds a corporate sponsor. In the meantime, you can donate by following the link in the article (I did).
  • I am thoroughly enjoying having split my content off to several other blogs - and appreciative of just having this space for moi :)