Monday, August 01, 2016

I could be anywhere

Little girl chasing sparrows. 2 boys occupying a Starbucks table (no drinks) and playing on their smartphones. Someone's dog, tied up, calling for them to return. 2 older ladies talking (are they older? or are they my age?); actually just 1 is talking. 3rd pregnant lady I've seen. A couple older guys (yes, older), watching the short shorts go by. All manner of people going into the bank.

The odd mix of comers and goers, and lingerers, at a mall entrance. I could be anywhere. But I am here, sitting at an outdoor table at a Starbucks, outside a mall entrance, while my sister shops. I have no patience for shopping, but this is ok. No newspapers though, so on my iPad. Not proud of it. But it is what it is. Need to start carrying a journal with me, and something to read. ...

Another interloper at the table next to me. This time a lady with her Tim Horton's coffee and box of TimBits, right under the Starbucks umbrella...

I don't want to make assumptions, but a taxi has arrived, unloading a family, the women wearing burkas (or hijabs?), matching big, surprisingly bright .pink purses. A couple men. Cute kid. Makes it easy to smile at them. Iranian refugees? Again, I don't want to assume, but in feeling good about what my country has done, I wonder. Glad to see more diversity. And its only by seeing more head coverings do we normalize. I don't want to take extra notice. I don't want them to feel observed and noticed, anymore than anyone else. There was a time when face coverings made me uncomfortable, not entirely sure why, but it has eased. Being educated has helped, and there has been lots of coverage, interviews and so on. I'd hope everyone is learning.

Someone has (finally) come about the dog. A by-law officer? Thankfully, they never left him in a car, but he was left too long. I do see someone protesting, so perhaps the dog's human has arrived. Some other people who were keeping the dog company, and feeding him water, have left. The officer is writing out a ticket. Good. The woman/human is actually arguing with him. She has the leash, so the dog is getting to go home with the human he loves, but I hope she is listening and learning. Interesting, it was a woman with 2 kids. The officer spent at least 20 minutes with them, I presume making sure the woman understood. I hope the kids got it, and will protest if mom tries something like that again. And the dog seemed fine.

The table next to me now occupied by a young couple with a (quiet) baby in a stroller. Starbucks drinks. A few scooters and wheelchairs, a woman pushing an oxygen tank on wheels. I could be any of those, if I don't start taking care of myself. Couple gone, now a guy in a ball cap and sunglasses. And smartphone.

Are we dumb to live with the smartphone? Probably, says I, after just checking mine for email.

A guy in a fluorescent orange tank top ties up his bike. Smart garb. Smart guy.

Write, just write. Its true.

Oh, how I crave to be alone. I would write if I were alone.

Can one write when one isn't alone? I don't know.