Sunday, January 02, 2005

Tsunami Locator -

Happy New Year. Though it's a subdued one. So hard to be celebratory while the recovery effort for the devastating tsunami disaster continues...

I've been helping out a bit online, to help the work of groups that are helping to locate missing persons, though I am awed by the efforts of those who are doing more than I. But every bit makes a difference, and it helps to do something.

Through this process, I've compiled this list of resources to support the work of Locators Online and others searching for missing persons as a result of the devastating tsunami. It's online at Tsunami Locator (

Take care, and wishes for healing and peace in the world.

Note added August 11/05: I've since taken this site down, but glad to have made a difference for a period. In truth, as I look back now, this probably had more to do with my own sense of helplessness and the desire just to 'do' something - a common urge during grief. This has been my story throughout my life in general since losing my sister, and am only now beginning to see how powerfully it's impacted me.

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