Sunday, March 09, 2008

My continued reinvention...

... of my blog, and of my life.
Made even funnier by the fact that when I tried to post this, somehow my settings had changed to Hindi and I couldn't read what I was posting! Got that figured out... lol

On my mind:

  • I have lost 95 pounds

  • I have achieved another personal goal I have been working towards for 5 years

  • I am going to NYC in a week!
This NYC trip includes:

  • Aretha Franklin at Radio City Music Hall

  • NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Gardens

  • A seat on the stage for Xanadu (what was I thinking??lol)

Somehow I have been thinking of spring, but I figure I'd better check the NYC weather forcast...

Now, I gotta go buy some jeans that aren't falling off me!

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