Monday, March 31, 2008

Interviews with Malika

I have just finished reading "La Prisonniere" by Malika Oufkir. It's also titled "Stolen Lives". I'm about to read her second book, "Freedom".

It was an interesting coincidence (or was it??) that when in NYC recently buying shoes, the salesperson helping me was from Morocco and knew the story, but had not read the book, so we had quite the interesting chat about it, and her life in Morocco.

Also found these audio interviews with Malika, worth holding onto for me, as it seemed important to me to hear her voice:

Travelling the world through books

Stumbled across this today, a woman who is intentionally travelling the world through the books she reads. I love the idea and wanted to hold onto the link while reflecting on the idea more.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

My continued reinvention...

... of my blog, and of my life.
Made even funnier by the fact that when I tried to post this, somehow my settings had changed to Hindi and I couldn't read what I was posting! Got that figured out... lol

On my mind:

  • I have lost 95 pounds

  • I have achieved another personal goal I have been working towards for 5 years

  • I am going to NYC in a week!
This NYC trip includes:

  • Aretha Franklin at Radio City Music Hall

  • NY Rangers vs Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Gardens

  • A seat on the stage for Xanadu (what was I thinking??lol)

Somehow I have been thinking of spring, but I figure I'd better check the NYC weather forcast...

Now, I gotta go buy some jeans that aren't falling off me!