Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Barcelona is a sea of....

... phallic symbols!

Everywhere I look... really!
The first one here is from Antoni Gaudi's fantabulous Le Pederera building. This has truly been one of the trip's highlights, and I might even pay to see it again before I leave Barcelona (or at least drop by the exhibit space). I have tons of pics, and even did some doodles while I was up on the roof, will upload those soon.... Anyways, I can't believe none of the guidebooks talk about the symbolism here... ;-) Barcelona is full of Gaudi's work, so I anticipate many more pics and awesome moments to come.... This next one is from Parc Miro and is called Dona i Ocell. I only discovered Joan Miro last year (how did I not know about him!?!) and I adore his paintings. Imagine my delight to discover he did sculptures as well... there is a reflecting pool at the base of this magnificent piece (pun intended), and I sat there and cooled my toes the other day. At least the guide books said the reason to go see this one! I am looking forward to seeing more of his works at Fundació Joan Miró soon.
So, after a very hot day out and about in Barcelona, I go to this little bar that has become a fav, and as I nursed my very large very ice cold excellent beer, and reflect on all this symbolism, I look around, and what do I see?

This grafitti was across the street from the bar (I took this from inside the bar)....
... and I gaze up at the bar itself, and there on the top shelf is an ancient gourd, saved for only one reason, I am sure!

So, I guess this is what a girl blogs about when it's 2am and not long home from my evening out... I have taken TONS more pictures, and have been actively journalling, just haven't been sitting at the computer a lot..... All 4 now.


Anonymous said...

Looking good on the top level of that bus!!! I it pouring here in Van! Super chilly too! I love checking out your photos on your blog!
See ya soon!

Roberta said...

Hey B, see ya soon in Paris, eh? Looking forward to it... bet you cannot be peeled off the ceiling at this point... xoxoxo Roberta