Thursday, June 17, 2010

The view from Vic West

Took a little harbourside break today, in Vic West, looking over towards the inner harbour. I'm waving hi!
This is the picnic table I sat atop of while I took my pics, and just rested and breathed in the fresh breezy air.
Looking back to where I parked my car... I loooove this arbutus tree!!!
Arbutus trees are unique to Vancouver Island, almost (apparently they also live on some island in the southern hemisphere too!). They are cool because they shed their bark, rather than their leaves. I remember learning about them as a kid. The bark is thin and smooth, lovely reds/browns. Here's a close-up:
An action packed shot... the Black Ball ferry coming in, a seaplane, some dragonboaters.... just beautiful.
Just thought I'd share these pics. Gotta go back there and go for a good long walk.....

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