Sunday, August 08, 2010

In the Big Apple: A few NYC moments...

Just a few classic - or not so classic - moments in the Big Apple.
Loved this happy chalk evidence of children having a good time in the city. Most of the playgrounds attached to the schools around the city are all concrete, but this was taken in one of the city's lovely parks.

Below is one of the better subway musicians I've encountered, although they all get a wee bit from me if they are making a decent effort. This girl deserves extra points for her sure-footedness as she wandered the car with no hands through some decent bumps. I would like to tell you what symphonic piece this violinist was playing, but it escapes me right now. If you want to identify it for me, there is a link to a short video I took of her at the bottom of this post.
Police incident outside our hotel room window. Took a pic in case it turned out to be something, well, important... or, who knows why. But it turned out they were issuing of a parking ticket to a taxi. Heh.
Beware the streetcorner psychic. Be very aware. This guy got away with a palm reading. That was my intention, but had a tarot card reading instead. It was interesting, and at least partly probably genuine, but I fell for the burning-10-candles-gypsy-psychic-scam. This is where the psychic offers to burn a candle for 10 days (while you keep a token in your possession for the same 10 days) to help open your spiritual doors. Uh, yeah, right. To my credit, I'd had a few drinks before I encountered her. Mrs. Rose here got me for $100, including the reading. I really did laugh when I did a bit of research online and found this among the psychic scams. Some lose a hell of a lot more. But I am mildly amused that I still have the potential to be gullible at 51. A good lesson. Heh. (btw, love the irony of the phone booth ad behind her!)

Proof that there is such a thing as a free ride in NYC. We chatted with the girl driving this little guy. He's just a pup so she's getting him used to all the noise of the streets before he walks on a leash. Cute cute cute cute cute. But boy is he going to get a surprise when he has to hoof it!
Guard dog outside the deli. Wish I'd gotten a pic of his adorable face, but I did get schlurped on my way out of the store, as his owner was untying him from the post.
This one made me laugh. I saw a whole string of cars being towed away on flat beds by Central Park. Much waving of arms and cell phone talkers. Poor people, I was thinking. Then spotted this truck: the sign on the door says Movie Time Cars Inc. .
Neat old subway signs at the 87th Street / Museum of Natural History subway stop. I think just the B and C lines stop here. If you try and find this entrance, it's the one facing Central Park.
Just a strange character sitting in a sidewalk tree plot. I have no idea where he came from, or what his purpose in life is, but that's just New York for you.
Now, here's the subway violinist girl in action....

PS - I am still carrying the stone in my bra, next to my heart, just in case my psychic friend finds the love of my life or something in the next week. heh heh

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