Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Found on Flickr: cats, mannequins and odd signs

Windmill Cat

When I am researching travel topics for the blogs I write, use the Creative Commons image search tool. Through both Wikimedia Commons and Flickr, there is an easy way to share images with all the source and licensing info intact (it's there if you click on any photo in this post). So thought I might just start sharing some of the photos I come across today...

These are not from my travels, just stuff that either made me laugh or smile today... These are all from Dennis from Atlanta, on Flickr.

Genuine Fake Sign

Scary Athens Mannequins

No restroom duty?


Lots of fun... but I must finish with one more cat...

Grand  Bazaar Cat

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The GypsyNesters said...

Good stuff! Love the Genuine Fake Watches.