Monday, October 07, 2013

Found on Flickr: shadows, skateboards and sheer guts

A few compelling photos I've stumbled across in Flickr recently.

These are all from Miles Gehm on Flickr.

20090905 07 LCRSP Skull Bowl

20090905 17 LCRSP Skull Bowl

back to the bank

20100814 01 Skate The Lake 3

20120226 LCRSP  03

20130824 TBMC Women at LCRSP  008.jpg

20130824 TBMC Women at LCRSP  006.jpg

20130824 TBMC Women at LCRSP  020.jpg

20120811 LCRSP Full Pipe contest 12.jpg

20100530 LCRSP steep bank bert 03

Source: click on each photo for the source

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