Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Post 2014

The fine team at Expedia CruiseShipCenters Victoria...
check me out in the back row:)
It occurs to me that I had a fair amount going on in 2013. Let's see...
  • Became a travel agent
  • Got my BC Travel Insurance license
  • Had cataract surgery
  • Had dental surgery
  • Got my first Lazy-Boy chair (aka Lazy-Girl)
  • ok, that's it.
Ha ha, there's more, I'm sure, but those are the biggies that jump to mind (I'm still doing my IHateTaxis gig too).

Hanging out with the sweetest kittie cat of all, the handsome Maui (aka Meowy). And learned what it means to fall in love with a cat. Really. Little guy got me through some really hard stuff the last couple of years... And he does seem to have taken to me as his Mama. Ah, the irony.

With that, I reposition myself in my Lazy-Girl to give him my lap, while still balancing my laptop... it must be love.

Long time readers of my blog will be wondering how my mom is. My sweet mom is doing just fine. We are so fortunate that to have her in a wonderful care facility. They have a very good music program... and music just brings her to life (all the musicians love her). Her mobility had declined to the point where she is in wheelchair all the time (though they do walk with her a couple of times a week, a 2 person job). The great thing is that, like all residents, she can reach the floor with her feet and can move around at will, propelling her wheelchair by foot.
Summertime on the deck... mom loves the sun!
It's like she has a new independence to move about as she wishes -- and in summer that included the deck, a lot. Mom's dementia has worsened, but she is in a happy place. She knows who we are, mostly, and is happy.
G'ma with her granddaughter Branwen last week
Ok, what else shall I include in my snapshot of my life this past year, for myself...
  • I dog sat sweet Lucy the dog again, just for a week or two. This time it was an "emergency": her human had to fire the existing dog-sitter from Hawaii, and I swooped in to save the day. Ha. But it was almost that dramatic. But I was happy to help... oh, how I love that dog... she is so sweet, and so soft... and so high maintenance :)
  • Saw Joe Walsh!!! Oh, yes, and Bob Seger too.
  • Spent 6 of the past 9 months taking the bus into Victoria several times a week (I wimped out, and am driving now)
  • Saw the ancient map exhibit at the Royal BC Museum - it was fab
  • Also joined the museum, but haven't been back (boo)
  • Saw an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery... the Grand Hotel?
  • Also resurrected my VAG membership, but haven't been back (yet.)
  • I discovered that there is an alcoholic version of Sugar-Free Rockstar, quite by accident (then I drove, unknowingly - see story)
  • Finally weaned myself off energy drinks
  • Had loads of dental work to repair the results of those *#)&% energy drinks
  • Learned again how much it sucks to not have a dental plan
  • Attended a super cool block party on our little street here in Sidney
  • Bought an elliptical trainer from a neighbor who was moving... and have made many interesting sculptures throwing clothes on it
  • Had the excitement of the racoons that live in our tree relocate their 3 wee kits to live under our house for a few months (lots of kittie indoors!)
  • Discovered that otters really do make their way up under houses here... oh, what a racket when they were trying to eat their way through the floor! Lots of stomping and keeping CBC radio on all night at full blast (they apparently don't like people). They are protected, so they are safe, but not so fond of these particular antics.

Enough babbles for now. I am sure a philosophical blog post will be coming, at some point... but, for now, must put the bubbly on ice and celebrate here with my sissy.


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