Wednesday, February 04, 2015


What a week... and it's only Wednesday.

On Monday, while I was coping with putting Maui to rest, I was also accepting the offer of a new job.

Yesterday, I was at my old office, cleaning up my client files, picking up my stuff, and turning in my key. There was time to chat with a few of my colleagues who were working, but as I was leaving, agents were arriving for a training session with a guest speaker. I didn't get to speak to many, and as their meeting started, and I had to quietly slip out, so no real goodbyes. Then last night, with the warmest of sincere wishes, my email was shut down. In sales, and particularly in the travel biz, there are understandably very clean breaks, so it all makes sense, but it still is an odd feeling.

Of course, yesterday I was more inclined to stay in bed with the covers over my head, mourning Maui. And of course mourning mom too.... afterall, it was mom who befriended Maui - feeding him cream on the back porch, her arm adorned with the bracelets she never took off, one of which I now wear. Maui was "just" a visitor when I arrived here 5 years ago, but it wasn't long until he just moved in (which our blessed neighbours graciously accepted). Mom love Maui, and Maui loved mom, and I loved them both more than I could possibly describe, let alone grasp.

To somehow be walking away from my support system at work at the same time caught me off guard, only realizing the magnitude of that last night. There's a lot of people there who care for me, and feel for all I have been through these past 2 months, and it is just WEIRD to abruptly be without them this morning. (mourning?).

It's lots of change at once, but fortunately I respond well to BIG shifts, versus small ones. Being at a point of new beginnings will help me make sense of things, process what I feel, and get grounded.

But what a week!

Btw, my new job will mean I can walk to work. Love that.

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