Sunday, March 18, 2018

Jay Cross

It's been 9 years since I was totally immersed in the learning and development world, and aside of the occassional reflection on now being an elearner (vs creating the stuff), so I rarely think of all the people I used to follow in the industry. In scrolling through my old blog posts tonight, looking for something, I arrived at the beginning, in 2003, and my first posts. I posted a lot about learning and elearning in those days. My curiosity was sparked, and decided to see what one of the more delightful thought leaders was writing about these days: Jay Cross.

What I learned is that Jay passed away in 2015. I'm sorry to hear this. He really contributed a lot, and shaped much of the dialog of the day, so I am sure he is missed.

I met him a couple of times, at conferences, and attended some sessions with him. Always thought provoking, and down to earth. Jay was huge advocate of informal learning, while the industry was going crazy with structured learning.

Jay's Informal Learning Chart
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Perhaps what I remember most, and loved, were Jay's observations about the world around him. After each conference he would post photos of odd moments and unusual discoveries he encountered. He always made me think.

RIP Jay.

An Industry Remembers Jay Cross

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