Saturday, February 21, 2004

CSS and learner control

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new article in Learning Circuits called CSS Your Way to Learner Control . This is a cool article, as it contains a link to a course page that you can modify the appearance of, by using the radio controls at the top. Waaayyyy cool!

I had not even fathomed CSS in the realm of using it to give the learner control over their learning space. What a paradigm shift.

Via this article, I also discovered the W3C Core Styles, 8 free CSS style sheets that are free and designed for non-developers to customize look and feel. Again, it's kind of cool, as you can try them all out.

Man oh man, this idea of CSS and learner controls is going to have my brain going now... I gotta learn more about how this is used....

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