Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sleep and other things

***The cartoon above is cut off in this view - click it to see they guy who answered **
Reflections today:
  • A couple nights of not going to bed until 3 or 4 am are catching up with me, sleep please!
  • This weekend I was listening to the stereo that I traded on Craigslist for a suitcase
  • I realized I really am going to do this Europe thing
  • Today my car for a 1 hr errand was a Toyota Matrix (cost under $5 from CAN), I like driving this one, other than the fact it looks stationwagony
  • Fixed up my bank account about an hour before my rent would have bounced
  • Amused that I got a big cheque in the mail that I forgot I was getting, sweet
  • Almost at the end of my portable sketchbook, and just remembered I bought a couple neat cheap ones from the Met in NYC - nice red cover
  • Oh, yeah, NYC, wasn't that a month ago... I should unpack sometime soon...

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