Saturday, March 07, 2009

Random reflections

Random thoughts from a week like no other:
  • I walk past my bookshelf tonight and find this title staring out at me: Barcelona, by Robert Hughes. I just LOVE how my bookshelf does that. Probably picked it up a few years ago second hand and never read it. Sweet!!
  • Why is pizza delivered cold a bad thing, and cold pizza in the morning is one of the most wonderful things in the world?
  • They jacked up one of the cranes at the construction site across the street - damn, I missed it! I wanted to watch so I could see how they did it.
  • I wonder if the crane operators like moving porta-potties around just for fun, or if there is some logical reason for relocating them every day this week.
  • I giggled loudly once as the guy attaching the chain around a porta-pottie took a moment to check there was no one inside, just before they lifted it up. good lord, i hope they never forget.
  • 7 days ago Europe was a vague idea, and today I have 2 months accomodation booked in 2 of the most fabulous cities in the world (Barcelona and Paris)
  • I was exhausted at the start of the week, and energized at the end
  • I love the sun, and can't believe it will really snow tomorrow
  • I loved hearing the honking of Canada Geese and they flew by my apartment tonight
  • I love google, I refound my fav cleaning lady, I need a rescue! help arrives tomorrow... I shall work on my laptop while the cleaning demons whirl around me

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