Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 days of work left & 61 days to Europe

Amazing to be at this point, only 3 days left at work. Had to work on Saturday, and a 14 hour day yesterday, but once I have today under my belt, I'll be sailing....

Random reflections:
  • Soon I will be officially counting down to Europe - 61 days to go
  • Wonder what the swine flu reality will be by then
  • 2 months ago Europe was just a vague idea
  • Cute story on the news about a cat with a litter in an animal shelter adopting a baby squirrel, very cute
  • My place looks, well, chaotic - have given away my sofa and some bookcases, there are books everywhere
  • My client for my ongoing contract work is allowing me to put their work on hold until I get a 4 day weekend in - yeah!
  • I am having fun giving away art at work
  • I am happy it is sunny out

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