Thursday, April 16, 2009


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  • how did i go 2 weeks without updating this? oh, yeah, messed up internet connections suck..
  • delighted with my teensy new laptop - 13" and only 4lbs
  • watching the last period of the Canucks 1st playoff game... I wonder if I should go to a game?
  • Interesting that I ran into Fin downtown this morning.... gave a friend at work the towel he gave me, she is going to give it to her little girl, who is going to be thrilled - especially because Fin actually touched it!
  • 11 more business days of work left
  • 73 days until I leave for Europe
  • there are a lot of details one has to take care of to go away for a year... lately I am adding to the list, but only striking a few things off
  • I am having a blast talking with people who have lived in the cities I will be visting, or have done extensive travel - getting great tips
  • 8 hour sleep tonight would do me wonders
  • Nov and Dec are Greece - must post pics of my places soon
  • Cool that I discovered that U2 is playing in Barcelona when I'm there
  • Concerts in Europe are expensive!


Marcel said...

Hi Roberta.
I'm happy to see you like my picture. Unfortunately, you did not ask me if you can use it (I would have allowed it, probably.). I'm not asking you to remove it, but please include a link to my blog as stated in my copyright notes (

I wish you a nice trip to Europe.

Roberta said...

Done! ;-)

Marcel said...

Thanks :-)