Friday, May 22, 2009


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This post was inspired by a great idea I saw today: a personal Yes! page.

Of course, when I went to search for an image that said 'yes' it was only natural that the logo for Yes showed up.... one of my FAV bands and one of those things I still listen to regularly. I'm thinking Roundabout.... Almost saw them a few months back, but the concert ended up being cancelled.... who knows, maybe they will turn up in Europe while I'm there...

Anyways.... made me think about creating my own personal Yes page.... just might do it....

To get me started, some Yes!'s from my year of turning 50:
  • Truly celebrated turning the big 50 - I'm 50 and fabulous!
  • I seized an opportunity to transform my life
  • Made a decision from listening to my gut to take off to Europe for a year - then made all the decisions in about 10 days
  • Began the process to get rid of almost everything I own
  • Embraced my art

Hmmm... maybe I'll come back and add to this one....


Stephanie Corker Irwin said...

this is sooo totally cool!!! i think i may need a YES page...and i will be sure to link back to you:)
thanks so much for sharing.
ps - i miss you. :)

Roberta said...

Ah, the perfect fab Steph thing! I miss you too girlfriend... tweet girl, tweet ;-)