Sunday, October 11, 2009

Best Bar Moments in Venice

Yes, I was in Harry's bar! Had a bellini, of course. Very good. At 15E a pop they'd better be good! :-) So, what did I do next? Had another, of course! LOL, most expensive drinks of my life, but so worth it. I did take another picture inside the bar, but then I got in trouble - no pictures of the patrons (oops! was only trying to take a pic of the waiters...), eek! But I didn't kicked out ;-)I did a little Harry's Bar doodle which my bow-tied waiter took a photocopy of! He wouldn't accept the original, so this is my first doodle left behind in Europe of which I still have the original. One day, it might be worth millions, LOL. Anyways, another total spluge, but so worth it. Not familiar with the story of Harry's Bar? It opened in 1931 and has a really fascinating history and is often referred to as one of the best bars in the world. And it's where the Bellini was invented... It's worth dropping by the Harry's Bar website for the full story, including how the bar became to be named Harry's and the founder's adventures with Ernest Hemingway. Also, read The Perfect Bellini for more bellini inside secrets.
The bar has the coolest doors... as a person goes in, there is a little curve in the etched innner glass and you cannot see the others inside the bar. My doodle above includes the reverse side of this door.
Now a bit about the bar I found at the end of my first day in Venice, which was veeerry special... Just look at this:
After my gondola ride, I wandered aimlessly for awhile, until I saw a vaporetti stop then got on, meaning to go to Rialto. But along the way I saw the most charming little canalside bar adjacent to another vaporetti stop, so I jumped off (well, I waited until the vaparetto stopped first) and I went for a glass of wine. There were only half a dozen tables up against the front of a charming hotel and all that was in front was the canal. There wasn't even any pedestrian traffic, as the corner table was on a small canal intersection (although a few people tried!). There was only one other table occupied. My first glass of wine was so quiet and relaxing. A totally peaceful spot, just the sound of the waves and the passing boats. And the occassional singing gondalier, or the sounds of an accordian if someone brought a musician along on their gondalier ride to serenade them. (here is a pic of the bar from the Grand Canal taken the next day).
My second glass of wine was as enjoyable but much more interesting. Began chatting with the two gentlemen sitting at the other table, and they eventually came and sat with me. They were from Cambridge in the UK and were quite lovely. It was their second trip to Venice but their first night in their hotel this trip, and they were most delighted with their room: same view, directly above the hotel doors with a little balcony. Said their room was a little suite. It sounded heavenly. We chatted about travel, and a bit about photography. Philip, the talkative one, had met a photographer who had been setting up waiting for the pre-sunset light when I walked past; it turns out he was Canadian too - Philip thought he was from Vancouver too, but by this point he had gone. A small world. Anyways, I enjoyed meeting them (the other guy was Richard).
We joked that we might see each other the next day at the same time. Almost went, but decided to go to Harry's Bar instead....
Both bars are top pics for me in Venice!


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you're making me thirsty!!!

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Fun! And thanks for including a link to the Gypsy's Guide! Ciao, bella!